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Basingstoke Sports Council is a voluntary sporting organisation with committee members representing the major sports in the area. BSC works 'with and for the local sports community' alongside a variety of partners and primarily the Borough Council. Its two major events being the prestigious annual Sports Awards plus annual Festival of Sport with German twin town Euskirchen. A wide range of sporting issues are discussed at regular meetings.

Interaction from local Sporting Leagues, Clubs and partner organisations is strongly encouraged via emailing

Basingstoke Sports Council has the following objectives -

  1. To Represent and support the collective views and needs of all sport interests in the local area.
  2. Assess, promote and encourage sport and health initiatives and activities within Basingstoke & Deane including Basingstoke Get  Active and the Twinning Festival of Sport plus offer advice and guidance in providing for those activities.
  3. Assist, support and advise on planning and development of sporting facilities and opportunities in partnership with interested agencies.
  4. Receive and consider reports and recommendations from any organisations on all matters concerning sport and take such action as may deem appropriate interacting with BDBC or Energise Me etc,
  5. Advise and support organistions and individuals upon resource, club development, marketing and funding issues etc plus recognise local sporting talent and achievement via social media, newsletter and direct contact.
  6. Interact with relevant agencies to provide sport administration, coaching development, officiating and volunteering opportunites within the local sporting community.
  7. Research and disseminate information to organisations and individuals in the borough concerning available sporting facilities, funding, initiatives and activities plus maintain and promote an up to date record of all known local sporting organisations. 

Priorities and planned interaction ....... 

  1. Review the sharing of information and resources between organisations signed up to the SPAA. Contact Local Sports Clubs to allow understanding their role in the SPAA ‘Get Active’ objectives & Explore small projects which can be delivered by members to encourage increased participation
  2. Develop and link BDBC/BVA/LSC websites to incorporate the Be Physically Active message to ensure increased awareness, Establish a suitable agreed Facebook presence and awareness & Ensure Quarterly interaction with Gazette/Observer/Hampshire TV/Breeze/B&D Today 
  3. Signpost to National Initiatives, Campaigns and Major plus local events to link to local Sport and Exercise and promote the existence of any opportunities locally for all residents to get physically active or Volunteer
  4. Encourage local groups to utilise ‘Join in / Do It / Volunteer North Hants’ and other similar Volunteering websites to encourage more participation in Volunteering, Coaching and Officiating to get people active with a focus on encouraging 16+ to stay active
  5. Promote active/healthy lifestyles working in partnership with external partners
  6. Encourage increased participation across activity target groups ‘50+, Disabled, Disadvantaged etc
  7. Focus on out of hours learning opportunities for Junior School Children (Extended school Programme) and after school clubs, Increase School/Club links & Encourage increased participation in Inter School Games and general ‘get active’ activities
  8. Review the mix of opportunities for sport and physical activity across all facilities, Interact with Community Centres, Community Schools and Village Halls plus Community plans plus raise awareness of activities in the local Sport and Fitness Centres

What topics are your organisation working on and what else would you like to implement moving forward ?

Endorsements from the Community -

"Basingstoke Sports Council is a hugely valuable professional asset to the community working closely with key partners bringing them together with a common aim of encouraging grass roots participation in sport and exercise. I applaud the many different ways in which they support and promote our sporting community plus co-ordinate both the annual Festival of Sport plus prestigious Sports Awards evening at the Apollo Hotel" - Maria Miller; MP for Basingstoke (July 2019)

"Basingstoke Sports Council is a valuable asset to the community with it's ability to bring clubs together under a common goal, support clubs in need of help and allow clubs to establish a network of helpers which is an integral part of the local sporting infra structure.  Without the work of the sports council a number of local clubs would not be able to keep running, resulting in a loss of sporting opportunities for a number of people in the Basingstoke area." - Jimmy Miller; Contract Manager, Basingstoke and Deane Community Leisure Trust (May 2019)

"Basingstoke Sports Council is a valuable resource in the local community, offering support and education for parents, coaches and athletes of all abilities. From a personal point of view, they have been invaluable in organising educational evenings to disseminate up-to-date information on illness and injury causes, prevention and management. They also help to promote the value of exercise for health and well being." - Dr Mike Rossiter;  Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust & Vice President of The Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine UK (April 2019)