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Next event hopefully June 23 in Germany

Unfortunately due to the COVID Pandemic, there was no alternative but to cancel the 2020, 2021 & 2022 Festivals of Sport for the health and safety of all concerned. Very regrettable and the first cancellations in 27 years but Euskirchen have confirmed that the rescheduled event will be in Germany as soon as safely possible. Unfortunately it now looks like we will not be able to return to our partner groups until June 2023 !

Teams hopefully participating will be - Basingstoke Academy of Dance / Basingstoke & Mid Hants Athletics Club/ Summit & AWE Judo Clubs / Sherborne St John Boys FC / St Mary's Junior School / Totally Tennis / Basingstoke Gymnastics Club, Calleva Youth FC and a few other groups and sports still to be confirmed once restrictions are listed and potential costings understood.

As well as official Festival events, all groups will have a very busy social weekend including trips, Phantasialand Themepark, BBQ's plus Discos with everyone attending the final night event where the overall trophy will be presented to the Mayor of the winning town. 

Our Horseman continental coaches will leave Basingstoke at 8pm on a Wednesday evening in June for a 11.30pm ferry crossing from Dover to Calais and then travel through the night via France and Belgium to arrive in Euskirchen, Germany at about 08.15am for a light breakfast. Participants then have the day in the Phantasialand themepark before meeting host families for a few days of sport, culture, sightseeing, education, fun and friendships.

Friday evening will see local clubs arranging activities for their visitors whilst Saturday evening is the last night event where all groups attend for results, trophy presentation and some musical celebrations. Coaches leave for home on Sunday morning stopping somewhere in Belgium for lunch and planning to arrive back in Basingstoke that evening about 9.30pm.

Specific queries can be addressed to Kevin Laing at