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Promote Volunteering Roles via Do-It

By Kevin Laing (Chairman) Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council

Wednesday, 30 March 2022


Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council Contributor


Looking for Volunteers within your organisation ?
Create your profile on 'Do-It' if your organisation is that you are recruiting volunteers on behalf of. Make it clear as to what is actually involved both in contacts and commitment required.
For Example - A registered charity, school, community group or project, club or society, sports club or association etc
Once your organisation is created, you'll be asked to create an opportunity. An opportunity is the role that you're asking volunteers to do. Make sure that you're recruiting volunteers for the right reasons. Volunteering is: An activity that someone does freely, by choice, an activity that anyone with the required skills can apply to do and an activity that benefits the community, as well as the volunteer
Then publish with contact details and a link to your organisation website.

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