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Sports Council Priorities

By Kevin Laing (Chairman) Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council

Sunday, 3 May 2020


Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council Contributor


The core priorities of the Voluntary Sports Council (Alongside Festival of Sport & Sports Awards) are aligned with those of the Sport & Physical Activity Alliance 'Get Active' group and are -

  1. Review the sharing of information and resources between organisations signed up to the SPAA (1.2)
  2. Contact Local Sports Clubs to allow understanding their role in the SPAA ‘Get Active’ objectives (1.6)
  3. Establish a calendar of events/activities to encourage regular volunteering opportunities (2.3)
  4. Encourage local groups to utilize ‘Join in’ and other similar Volunteering websites (3.11) to encourage more participation in Volunteering, Coaching and Officiating to get people active (3.1) with a focus on encouraging 16+ to stay active (3.3)
  5. To develop and link BDBC/BVA/LSC websites to incorporate the Be Physically Active message to ensure increased awareness (2.4), Establish a suitable agreed Facebook presence and awareness (2.5) & Ensure Quarterly interaction with Gazette/Observer/Hampshire TV/Breeze/B&D Today (2.7)
  6. Signpost to National Initiatives, Campaigns and Major events to link to local Sport and Exercise (2.8) and promote the existence of any opportunities locally for all residents to get physically active (4.1) plus Promote active/healthy lifestyles working in partnership with external partners (3.2)
  7. Focus on out of hours learning opportunities for Junior School Children (Extended school Programme) and after school clubs (3.5), Increase School/Club links (3.8) & Encourage increased participation in Inter School Games and general ‘get active’ activities (3.7)
  8. Encourage increased participation across activity target groups ‘50+, Disabled, Disadvantaged etc’ (3.9)
  9. Explore small projects which can be delivered by members to encourage increased participation (3.10)
  10. Review the mix of opportunities for sport and physical activity across all facilities (4.2), Interact with Community Centres, Community Schools and Village Halls plus Community plans (4.3) plus raise awareness of activities in the local Sport and Fitness Centres (4.4)

Contact Information

Kevin Laing (Chairman)

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