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Basingstoke Voluntary Local Sports Council is operating a Basingstoke & Deane Coaching Forum working in partnership with the Borough Council and other partners to hopefully deliver useful informative sessions worth attending and communicate relevant information. 

There are a variety of coaches either employed or working on a voluntary basis within local leagues and clubs at a variety of qualification levels and skills and interaction acn only benefit the local sporting community.

The initial forum meetings will be aimed at common issues relating to 'Sports Injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation' covering the most common types of injuries, how they should be dealt with, helping prevent recurrence, the importance of warming up and cooling down etc.

This will also incorporate what sports medicine/injury services are available in this area and the appropriate referral methods and will be hosted by the Sports Medicine Team at the Hampshire Clinic in Old Basing and is totally free to those invited 

(Route to Hampshire Clinic)

There are no sessions currently planned but details will be circulated when the next session is organised.  

Note - Host is Mark Wotherspoon is a Sports Medicine Doctor who has extensive team doctor experience having working with Fulham Football Club, London Irish RFC, Southampton football Club.  He accompanied the GB hockey squads to the Athens Olympics in 2004.  He is the Lead Sports Physician (Southern Region) for the English Institute of Sport working with elite GB athletes, rowers, hockey players, tennis players, divers and sailors.  He is Chief Medical Officer to the England Cricket Team   He holds weekly sports injury/sports medicine sessions, alongside his colleague (Dr. Mike Rossiter) at The Hampshire Clinic 

Topics that are covered in forums include -  

  • Overuse injuries
  • Stress reaction injuries (including stress fractures)
  • Overtraining problems
  • Underperformance syndrome
  • Exercise related lower leg pain
  • Acute injuries and how to handle them
  • Managing asthma and diabetes in sportsmen/women
  • Growth spurts in junior athletes
  • Importance of warm up and cool down sessions
  • When to refer athletes to a sports doctor / physio etc

Additional coaching issues can of course be raised during these sessions and either addressed immediately or pulled together as an additional forum. The forum currently has over 15 different sport representatives within Basingstoke & Deane plus representatives from BCOT & QMC plus the Schools Sport Partnership.  

Anyone really interested who has not yet responded should do so as soon as possible to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kevin Laing (Chairman - Basingstoke & Deane Voluntary Sports Council)

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